Adventures in Neighborhood Caring: Conversation with Rev. Darryl Answer, Stephanie Answer, Peter Block, and John McKnight

Watch Rev. Darryl Answer, Stephanie Answer, Peter Block, John McKnight and other social innovators in this Abundant Community Conversation.

For insight on how build neighborhoods, be welcoming, and connect to strangers, Rev. Darryl Answer and Stephanie Answer are a unique source. Learn about how they do what they do when they join John and Peter in conversation on September 22.

Rev. Darryl Answer is the founding and lead pastor of New Community Church, a recent church plant in Kansas City, MO. Darryl’s work as a pastor and consultant centers on poverty alleviation, racial reconciliation and community development. Stephanie Answer has worked in ministries in the urban core for the last 13 years. Most recently, Stephanie has been involved in community engagement in the Ivanhoe neighborhood of Kansas City, MO, where she and her family live and her husband, Darryl, pastors their neighborhood church plant, New Community Church.

Read more about Darryl and his work on his ABCD Institute page. See Stephanie’s page at the ABCD Institute for more on his work in faith-based organizations and neighborhood and community development initiatives.