Common Good Fellowship Participants 2018

The Pilot Fellowship includes individuals who are currently leading
or are an integral part of building an initiative that exists to eliminate
personal economic isolation or increase social good and well-being.

Greater Appreciation

Partnering with homeowners on home improvement projects to achieve greater appreciation of themselves, their homes and communities.

Brandon Black

Cincinnati, OH

The Seminary Community Collective

A newly forming coursework collective that offers courses and immersion experiences in community development, community organizing, and social enterprise.

Melissa Browning

Atlanta, GA

Soul Bird Consulting

Helping organizations and individuals disrupt current models of thinking by building empathy and understanding around the effects of trauma and systems of oppression.

Sarah Buffie

Cincinnati, OH

Economics of Mutuality and Leadership Development

Accelerating the development of the leaders we need to create a more prosperous society for all.

Jane Craig

Brighton, UK

Community Care Advocates

Partnering in bringing healing a hurting community, one person at a time.

Demetries Edwards

Oakland, CA

Knox Presbyterian Church

United in our faith in Christ, nurturing people to live a life centered around God, full of love, meaning & joy.

Adam Fronczek

Cincinnati, OH

Sacred Roots: I AM Campaign

Fighting to abolish modern-day slavery in all of its forms.

Ronnie Matthew Harris

Chicago, IL

Kentucky Network for Public Life (KN4PL)

Building a culture where everyone participates in the conversation, no more isolation!


Gayle Hilleke

Highland Heights, KY

Operation: Find & Feed

Bridging the gap created by those wishing to move out of homelessness and into sustainable, stable communities of cooperation.

Dustin Hite

Indianapolis, IN

Safe and Healthy Communities Amendment

With arms linked we are able to achieve more than we ever dreamed.

Elizabeth Hopkins

Cincinnati, OH

Abundance Learning Lab

Creating a community of learners and teachers, grounded in both action and reflection, seeking to create communities of abundance in their local places.

Greg Jarrell

Charlotte, NC

We Love Long Beach

Believes that connecting neighbors one block at a time is the foundation of all community building.

Scott Jones

Long Beach, CA

Cincy Conversations: Dialogue that Matters

With perspective, dialogue, and a willingness to understand each other, we can be the answers to our problems.

Justin Kirschner

Cincinnati, OH

Ignite Partnerships

Improving community vitality via strategic, citizen-friendly data collection and storytelling

Melinda Butsch Kovacic, MPH, PhD

Cincinnati, OH

Coaches Without Border

Bring embodied, cultural, and spiritual dimensions to coaching to promote coherence in individuals for our common good.

Claudia Z. López

Cincinnati, OH

Community Economic Advancement Initiative

Celebrating progressive and cumulative successes driven by the history of African American ancestors who fought tirelessly for equality and justice.

Damon Lynch III

Cincinnati, OH

Woven Oak Initiatives

A catalyst for the common good in Norwood, Ohio, offering a home for small programs and serving as a community connector.

Angela Pancella

Norwood, OH

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network

A family network working to end social isolation for people with disabilities through personal support networks, active citizenship, empowered decision making & financial stability.

Rebecca Pauls

Vancouver, BC

Neighborhood Grow Partners

Establishing economic identity & social cohesion in communities to create better neighbors, sustainable local economics, & thriving neighborhood business districts.

Derek Peebles

Cincinnati, OH

Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

Educates and advocates for peace, challenges social justice issues at the systemic and individual level, and promotes the creation of a nonviolent society.

Allison Reynolds-Berry

Cincinnati, OH

Flourish In Place: Broadway Lofts

Nurturing new life in a dying place so that community residents can lead change and practice resurrection.

Anna Schoon

Crown Point, IN

Kusanya Cafe

A coffee shop reimagining community space while empowering residents to create and run its programs and events.

Phil Sipka

Chicago, IL

Heritage Presbyterian Church

Addressing issues of racial reconciliation through education, conversation and interaction.

Kevin Stainton

Mason, OH

Schools for Communities

Building a community of practice that helps schools work with the surrounding neighborhood to build their common village.

Jeffrey Stec

Cincinnati, OH

The 50,000 Global Volunteer Engagement Experience

Supporting volunteers to contribute with their full potential, each person using their intrinsic talents & leadership to deliver on outstanding social impact projects.

Marika Strauss

Santa Cruz, CA

The K.A.S.S.I.E. Project

Keeping All Survivors Safe, Informed & Emancipated while healing through the arts

Khrystian Styles

Cincinnati, OH

Solutions to End Exploitation (S.E.E.)

Listening to the experience of the exploited & amplifying their collective voice through research & collaborative driven solutions to disrupt & end human trafficking.

Rachel VerWys

Grand Rapids, MI

Bespoken Live

Creating storytelling experiences that spark a tangible sense of belonging.

Brad Wise

Cincinnati, OH

Melodic Connections

Facilitating music experiences to help people see the “indescribable humanness” in each other, moving toward more inclusive communities that are change agents for Cincinnati.

Betsey Zenk Nuseibeh

Cincinnati, OH

Guest Participants 2018

Community Taranaki

Fostering the citizen skills and social actions that will transform the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of our communities.

Glen Bennett

New Zealand

Tu Tama Wahine o Taranaki

Tu Ka Ora – Being Active in the Reclamation of Our Own Healing.

Awhina Cameron

New Zealand

Partners for Possibility

A nation building program that partners school principals and business leaders on a leadership journey to create a better future for all children in South Africa.

Louise Van Rhyn

South Africa

Exploring Stewardship, Replacing Control & Power with Partnership

Exploring the ways in which stewardship is the new conscious model of choice for leaders.

Ramchandra Appal Naidu

South Africa