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Espresso Cohorts opens up the chance to interact for four weeks with guided peer to peer groups and learning opportunities.
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Our Focus in a Nutshell

  • Doing Well: Meet the challenge to “do good while being well” by connecting the dots between practicing sabbath for self and world, and stewarding relationships of those missions and individuals you lead.
  • Integrating Practical with Theoretical: Accessible framework for strengthening collective belonging, seeing vulnerability as an asset, act with courage despite all the evidence, and find a way to customize traditional efforts such as design thinking, lean methodology, business canvas, visioning, etc.
  • Externalizing Intention: Learning to name your intention, to guide a process of transformation. Find ways to track and measure the impact your efforts are having.
  • Contextual Initiative: Inventing, for your own place, the components of remembering, local impact, community belonging, and creating alternative models of good in organization/initiative.

The cohort in a Nutshell

  • Real Experience Applicability: Designed to be relevant and applicable to everyday lives and social impact work.
  • Gatherings: Centered around guided peer to peer groups design to improve individuals’ capability while remaining in their full-time jobs.
  • Reflection: A safe space to practice self-reflection, pay attention to the values, theories, stories, and identify areas for personal development.
  • Virtual Connection: Connect with fellows to deepen and sharpen one another and skills in between gatherings



Cohorts meet weekly for 75 minutes for 4 weeks


From your home or office; Online, live video