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Let others know that you appreciate their work and impact, nominate them today! Nominees will be notified and invited to apply for the Common Good Espresso Cohort. You can nominate as many people as you want.

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Nomination Requirements

Nominees are all ages, coming from various cultural, geographic, and economic backgrounds and work across multiple sectors. The fellowship is designed for people who are currently leading or are an integral part of building an initiative that exists to eliminate personal economic isolation or increase social good and well-being.

Nominees are often on one of the following trajectories:

  • Business Leader: leveraging business to create change and tackle community issues
  • Community Organizer/Activist: mobilizing communities and calling attention to unseen, unheard or marginalized communities or causes
  • Faith Leader/Pastor: supporting the growth and well-being of people within neighborhoods
  • Entrepreneur: creating innovative solutions to tackle issues from within existing institutions by shifting institutional culture and building new collaborations
  • Organizational Builder: supporting the growth of neighborhood-focused institutions from within
  • Public Sector Leader: leveraging the government to create policy changes, partnerships or adoption of new models to tackle community issues
  • Social Entrepreneur: founding a for-profit or non-profit organization that provides critical goods/services

How to Apply

Ask someone who knows you to nominate you. Once a nomination has been received and verified, a nominee will be notified and given the opportunity to apply.

Application Requirements

  • Letter of Nomination – A letter of nomination is submitted by someone who can describe the skills, accomplishments, current work, and why a nominee would be a good candidate for Common Good.
  • Completed Application Form