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This first cohort draws upon the wisdom, experience, and best practices of elders such as Walter, John, and Peter. The Fellowship creates a rare opportunity to engage with them, to integrate their perspectives, and to envision new ways of thinking and doing. As part of a cross-sector community of experienced change makers, fellows sharpen the skills essential to foster lasting change. Along the way, they build friendships that span geographic, professional, and societal borders, and appreciate the power of working together to achieve lasting positive change. During the program, fellows put their learning into action through a Personal Experiment of Imagination, designed to encourage new and creative ways to support their work.
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Our Focus in a Nutshell

  • Doing Well: Meet the challenge to “do good while being well” by connecting the dots between practicing sabbath for self and world, and stewarding relationships of those missions and individuals you lead.
  • Integrating Practical with Theoretical: Accessible framework for strengthening collective belonging, seeing vulnerability as an asset, act with courage despite all the evidence, and find a way to customize traditional efforts such as design thinking, lean methodology, business canvas, visioning, etc.
  • Externalizing Intention: Learning to name your intention, to guide a process of transformation. Find ways to track and measure the impact your efforts are having.
  • Contextual Initiative: Inventing, for your own place, the components of remembering, local impact, community belonging, and creating alternative models of good in organization/initiative.

Cohort in a Nutshell

  • Real Experience Applicability: Designed to be relevant and applicable to Fellows’ everyday lives and social impact work.
  • In-Person Gatherings: Centered around two in-person forums design to improve individuals’ capability while remaining in their full-time jobs.
  • Reflection: A safe space to practice self-reflection, pay attention to the values, theories, stories, and identify areas for personal development.
  • Virtual Connection: Connect with fellows to deepen and sharpen one another and skills in between gatherings


 April to  June, 2018

Gatherings 04/12-14 & 05/10-12


The Hive 1662 Blue Rock St Cincinnati, OH 45223

Program Cost


(although there is no program cost you are responsible for transportation, accommodations, and meals)