September 3, 2020 Courtney Napier

“Aug 21” by Adrienne Maree Brown

“this is how I sleep/ counting gratitude and hearts/ beating, surviving” says adrienne marie brown, enfolding her community in care. She remembers, names, and speaks healing over all those who labor for justice in the neighborhoods and the world. 


Aug 21
(from Black August Haikus, 2020)

laying in the dark
counting heroes and saviors
praying up farmers

pray up prisoners
who fight fires when healthy
but caught the virus

pray up the teachers
forced to watch their dear students
for symptoms and signs

pray up nurses
and doctors who toil, tired
no respite in sight

pray up the parents
meditating thru kid-screams
living thru danger

pray up the artists
creating for us laughter,
dreams, threading forward

bless organizers
beaming light and direction
from here to justice

this is how I sleep
counting gratitude and hearts
beating, surviving

aren’t we a wonder
harnessing a tomorrow
we won’t surrender

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