Building Community in a High Wind

William Faulkner said that writing a novel was like building a chicken coop in a high wind: “You just grab any shingle or loose board flying by and nail it down fast.” An improvising musician and a community developer do their work in similar ways, using different mediums. You just use what is available, and try to create something beautiful.

You are invited to join Common Good Collective for our Jazz Listening Party, April 29 at 9PM EDT/6PM PDT. Special guests Dayramir Gonzalez (award-winning Cuban pianist based in NYC), Greg Jarrell (Charlotte-based saxophonist and CGC contributor) and John McKnight (Asset Based Community Development Institute) will join CGC host Courtney Napier to listen to some music and to discuss its social and creative importance for community building.

*Click the button below* to register and reserve your spot. We’ll send some music to you a few days beforehand, and then listen together on that evening.

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