Competence is Within Reach

The starting point in every transformation is to think differently. We have used the shorthand of contrasting the system way with the community way in order to characterize the shift. It is a movement from purchasing what turns out to be dissatisfaction, to producing satisfaction. To shifting from the lens of consumption to the lens of citizen community as the core resource for a satisfied life.

Return to last week’s exercise addressing how time is spent. Consider, when in my week am I producing something that participated in the commons? And when is my consuming connected to my immediate neighbors and when is it not? Knowing where your food is grown is one thing, knowing that your purchasing habits benefit the shops along your neighborhood block is another.

Is there one thing you could do this next week to produce rather than simply consume. Consider dinner or cleaning or making artwork. Is there one thing you consume regularly that you could find within walking distance of your home? Would purchasing it there benefit someone who shares your desire for building hospitable community?

Little steps help us see anew.



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