Dr. Cornel West on whether US can break down racial barriers

Dr. Cornel West

When belonging breaks down – or was never possible because of the unjust design of our systems – people rise up. We have seen that over the past week in the streets of cities in all 50 states. For decades, Cornel West has been calling Americans to a deeper sense of belonging, even to the point of reinventing our society. Here he makes a turn as a guest on (surprise!) a Fox News interview, calling for this society to remake itself into one of deeper belonging.

We’re seeing people of all colors coming together. It’s a beautiful thing, but we have a system that is unable to respond. Looting is wrong, but legalized looting is wrong too. Murder is wrong, but legalized murder is wrong too. I look at the wickedness in high places first, then keep track of the least of these.

This content may be disturbing to some viewers.

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