Forget, I Am Us, and I’ll Pick Up the Check (Three Poems by Daniel Hughes)

Daniel Hughes is the father of four children and the husband of Nicole.  He serves as Lead Pastor for Incline Missional Community (IMC).  IMC is a diverse, loving, productive, and missional faith community transforming the lives of people who are seeking another chance at a life.  Daniel loves to connect with the marginalized and uses this gift in a partnership with the Hamilton County Office of Reentry.  He is working to reduce recidivism in the county, and works with inter faith organizations to create new ways for people to belong in community.

Daniel discovered his gift for poetry in quarantine. “In the midst of these COVID times,  poetry began to flow from my soul.  I don’t know what the future holds but I am happy to share my reflections of the moment.” He shared these three poems from a legal pad during Tuesday’s Common Good Conversation with David Korten and everyone in attendance was deeply moved. The last line of the first poem “Forget” is “I am here now and it’s all over,” connected with the theme of the day — the old way is over and done, and it is time to imagine a new way forward that is community-driven, life-giving, and leaves none without care and significance.


Forget everything you thought you knew

who you were

what you wanted

I am here now and it’s all over.


I am US

E‘ pluribus unum; out of many comes one

One love, 1 hate, 1 cry, 1 hope, 1 fear, 1 faith

one virus

one Day

One People


I’ll Pick Up The Check

Everybody wants freedom

freedom aint free

everybody wants freedom 

But freedom aint free

so, who’s gonna pay?


I’ll pick up the check this time.


If you missed Tuesday’s conversation, we will be going uploading an edited version of the dialogue on Friday, June 19th on Facebook at 10AM PST (1PM EST)!

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