Go In Pieces – a benediction by Padraig O Tauma

Padraig O Tuama

As many of us have been in some state of isolation for several months now, we have found ourselves examining our humanity and our corner of reality under a microscope. Something that looked whole from a distance now appears to be in pieces. For some, this looks like shards of broken pottery, and for others like pieces of a puzzle. This time of reflection is a facet of grief that becomes a portal to greater understanding, connectedness, and impact.



the task is ended
go in pieces

our concluding faith
is being rear-ended
certainty’s being amended
and something’s getting mended
that we didn’t know
was torn

we’re unravelling
and are traveling to a place
with delusion as a fusion of
loss, and hope, and pain and beauty.


the task is ended
go in pieces
to see and feel
your world.

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