Kyle Korver On Privilege

Kurt Korver

In this profound essay,  professional basketball player and antiracism advocate Kyle Korver, demonstrates the power of language, context, and possibility as a way to better understand his experience as a white man in the NBA.

When the police break your teammate’s leg, you’d think it would wake you up a little.

When they arrest him on a New York street, throw him in jail for the night, and leave him with a season-ending injury, you’d think it would sink in. You’d think you’d know there was more to the story.

You’d think.

But nope.

I still remember my reaction when I first heard what happened to Thabo. It was 2015, late in the season. Thabo and I were teammates on the Hawks, and we’d flown into New York late after a game in Atlanta. When I woke up the next morning, our team group text was going nuts. Details were still hazy, but guys were saying, Thabo hurt his leg? During an arrest? Wait — he spent the night in jail?! Everyone was pretty upset and confused.

Well, almost everyone. My response was….. different. I’m embarrassed to admit it.

Which is why I want to share it today.

Reflection: In this moment where we can see people are being impacted by the same crisis in drastically different ways, how has this challenged the way your worldview, or, in Werner Erhard’s words, the way “the world shows up for” you?


Read the rest of Kyle Korver’s article here

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