April 21, 2022 Courtney Napier

Reflecting on Reconciliation

There is an invitation to reconcile right here, all around us, in each moment.  

Some provide an opportunity to reconcile externally by repairing the damage we’ve caused through our political, economic, environmental, or relational acts.  

Others give us a chance to reconcile internally through shedding the expectations of others, reframing our circumstances. The pieces below illuminate these opportunities, and just may help you notice some in your own life.


Meet the Curator: Brodie Theis


Brodie teaches career education courses that help students discover meaningful work that contributes to the common good. Prior to his faculty and consulting work, Brodie spent a decade in real estate development, small business lending, and the tech start-up space. He’s inspired by the cultivation of wonder, the courage to explore, and not knowing.

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