“Untitled” by James Baldwin

When asked to describe James Baldwin’s work, Maya Angelou said, “James Baldwin was born for truth. It called upon him to tell it on the mountains, to preach it in Harlem, to sing it on the Left Bank in Paris. His honesty and courage would lead him to see truth and to write truth in poetry, drama, fiction, and essay. He was a giant.” One of the subjects Baldwin was especially truthful about was his struggle with his faith in God, which is expressed in the following poem



          when you send the rain,
          think about it, please,
          a little?
          not get carried away
          by the sound of falling water,
          the marvelous light
          on the falling water.
          am beneath that water.
          It falls with great force
          and the light
          me to the light.


Reflection: How has the numerous crises of the time impacted your faith, in God and humanity? How have you coped with the challenge?

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