*We* by Ebony Kearney

Ebony Kearney, a Kansas City poet and parent educator, began our recent Abundant Community Conversation with this original poem. Ebony offers the basic affirmation that a robust “we” is the building block of community.


Reflections of self through and through
I am you and you are me
Never forgetting you’re no better than me, & I’m no better than you
Because WE are here together
Projecting lights of HOPE for the young minded
It’s our common goal
Because we like-minded … COMMUNITY
Cuz we want our babies to grow up too!
But they need Protection
And a whole Lotta love and affection … from YOU…  COMMUNITY
We need to plant those tiny seeds of a foundation … for the COMMUNITY
So we can AWAKEN a part of the mind that seeks no limitations …
Learning that family comes in many forms just take a look, it’s the new norm … COMMUNITY
Building community requires a WE mentality
it’s a Commitment…
your struggle is my struggle and your joys are my joys … no resentment!
So you either with it or against it!
Because WE are creating a solid foundation for OUR future generations to see…

That there is no me without WE.

Because WE are the COMMUNITY …


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